Four Legged Friends


I began doing pet portraits with my lovely Nikki, our first wire fox terrier. 3 Puppies on aTrip was a remembrance of our trip to Montauck in my old Mercedes. A friend bought the Puppies on a Trip for her child's bedroom wall, hoping it would encourage some imaginative stories.

Other paintings of our "kids" soon followed.

Nikki (Ak 100)

3 Puppies on a Trip

Nora Lady

Ak 311

Ak 312


Baby Nora

My first portrait commission was for lovely Molly. Erika is a good friend -- she made my wedding dress. She suddenly lost her sweet Molly. She asked me to make a portrait for her


This was followed by a portrait that was auctioned off to support the animals harmed by Hurricane Katrina. The auction was run by our friends at the West Village Dog Owners Group. They have a wonderful NYC dog run which we have always used to tire out our kids.

Our best friends objected to all of this dog painting, since they had a wonderful cat that we babysat for when they travelled-- so Jolson was next

.....Friends and fellow bloggers kept asking for portraits, so I decided to continue making them. It is a real labor of love for me.

Please go to Pets to see a more complete set of my pet portraits.

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